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Journal Evaluation
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Purpose of Evaluation
The Purpose of Evaluation are providing a basis for scientific evaluation and management as well as providing necessary tools for Purchasing Journals, Optimizing collections and conducting effective information services.
Data Source
The data of the four evaluating indicators (ratio of the fund-subsidized papers, total citations, factor of influence and the rate of web downloads) are mainly from public publications of “China Academic Journal Citation Report", Tsinghua Tong Fang and "Wan Fang Academic Journal Citation Report".
Evaluation Method
The main method of evaluation of Chinese Academic Journals is combining quantitative evaluation with qualitative analysis.
The objects of evaluation are strictly defined as "scholarly journals".
The purpose of evaluation highlights the principle of combining the management-oriented evaluation and service-oriented information.
We selected "authoritative journals" and "core journals" for the first time during the evaluation of Journals at home and abroad.
We developed the “Evaluation Information System of Chinese Academic Journals” independently, which greatly improved the accuracy and efficiency of journals evaluation.
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