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New pulished book "Webometrics" by Prof. Junping Qiu
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   “Webometricsis a new book written by Prof. Junping Qiu, the Chief Professional of Network of Science and Education Evaluation, Director of Research Center for Chinese Science Evaluation (RCCSE), Professor of Information Management Department, Wuhan University. it has been compiled on July of 2010 by Science Publishing. This was the study result of national social science funding project “research of online academic information Variation and distribution and its application "(70673071), and one of the " Modern Information Resources Management Series ".


   As one of leading founders of bibliometrics, Prof. Junping Qiu has been engaged in teaching and research of "information, measurement, evaluation, management", and attained proficient knowledge in bibliometrics, scientometrics and webometrics and so on. About webometrics,Prof. Junping Qiu and his team have completed or are undertaking three projects of National Natural Science Funding Projects and two Funding Program of the Ministry of Education, and published many books, original research papers, etc. These studies became the powerful foundation to this book.


   In this book, for the first time, combined theory, method and application, built up the system of webometrics. It includes basic issues research, the distribution and law of network information, network data collection methods and tools, link analysis, domain analysis, web content analysis, social network analysis and case study in areas of scientific communication, scientific evaluation, assessment and management of information resources, technology management, Social Science Research and management application analysis.


   This book has reasonable structure, contents and methodology.

It is an ideal reference for information management and systems, management science and engineering, information resource management, electronic commerce, information science, library science, archives, publishing, scientology and technology management, scientific evaluation and prediction, etc. and it is also suitable for the majority of information workers, researchers, evaluation workers and managers to read and apply.


    Webometrics is a composition of bibliometrics, informetrics, statistics, computer and network technology to measure the law of network information, mainly cross-relates with the network technology, network management, information resource management and information science and so on. This is a new development and research direction for informetrics.

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