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Evaluation principles
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 The evaluation principles of GAR ranking are weighting the teaching, research, social service and contribution as the basic standard. The ranking tries to guarantee the results as scientific, reasonable, objective, and justice. We developed the following eight principles based on our several years experience.

1)        The ranking is a combination of management-oriented and market-oriented.

2)        Combine the qualitative and quantitative evaluation;

3)        Balance the relationship among input, outcome and efficiency properly;

4)        Give the equal weight between natural science and social science;

5)        Dealing with the relationship between scale and efficiency properly, laying particular stress on efficiency appropriately;

6)        Give more weight on quality than quantity;

7)        Balance the relationship between teaching and research although give a little more weight on research as evaluating top universities.

Balance the relationship between Chinese data and international data properly but giving more weight on international data.

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