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Cheng Sihui
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Cheng Sihui
Title: Dean of College of Education Science, Wuhan University Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of College of Education Science, Wuhan University
Tel:   +86(27) 68772042
Email: chsih@163.com
Add:   Research Center for China Science Evaluation Wuhan University Wuhan 430072 China
Cheng Sihui, born in April 1962, Nan County in Hunan Province, CPC member, professor of Wuhan University. He was admitted to Department of Education of Beijing Normal University in 1979, graduated in 1986, and obtained bachelor and master's degree of Education. In 1993 and 1995, he was given an accelerated promotion to associate professor and professor. He was the head of Education Department of Hubei University (formerly the Education Management Department) and the dean of College of Education, and selected to be a leading scholar of Hubei Universities Cross-century Subjects in 1997. He transferred to College of Education Science, Wuhan University in August 2003, and served as head and professor of the Department of Education. In 2006 he was selected by the Ministry of Education for New Century Excellent Talent Support Program.
Academic activities mainly include: member of China Education Society Academic Committee, vice president of the Youth Educational Theories Worker Sub-commission of CSE, member of National Education Management Professional Discipline Committee, member of Hubei Education Science Academic Committee, executive director and deputy secretary-general of Hubei Education Association and so on. His main research interests include the History of Chinese Education Management, Education and Management. The publications of him include“History of Modern Chinese Educational Management”, “China Education Management Model”, “Pioneer of Revitalizing China through Science and Education--Educator Zhang Jianchuan”,“Innovative Teacher”, “Houshengwushi, Jin Guo model - Jinling Women's University, Wu Yifang”,etc, and more than 10 works are co-authored.He published more than 90 articles in“Education Research”,“Chinese Society of Education”, “China's Higher Education Research”,“Studies in Higher Education”and other publications.
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