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About CASEE and Golden Apple Ranking (GAR)
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About CASEE and Golden Apple Ranking (GAR)

The Chinese Academy of Science and Education Evaluation (CASEE), also known as the Chinese Academy of Evaluation Sciences (CAES), is a key evaluation and research institute established by Hangzhou Dianzi University in 2017. Prof. Junping Qiu, a well-known Chinese bibliometrican who has expertise in evaluation management and subsidized by the State Council of China, is the founder and the first president of CASEE. Under the leadership of Prof. Qiu, the CASEE attempts to achieve the following objectives: 1) Implement the national strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education; 2) Design the strategy of innovation-driven development and the "Double World Class" program aiming to build a powerful country with higher education; 3) Meet the needs of "third-party evaluation" and "management, operation and evaluation" by different parties in all fields in China; 4) Implement the combination of "talents training, innovative research and evaluation services", and to vigorously promote the evaluation science in China, which provide quantitative basis and intellectual services for the scientific and standardized management and decision-making of government, enterprises and institutions at all levels. With the “two brands in one institute” model, both the CASEE and Zhejiang Academy of Higher Education (ZAHE) are administrated by the same team of Prof. Qiu.

Hangzhou Dianzi University offers a Ph.D. program in Management Science and Engineering. Meanwhile, the CASEE’s research focuses on management science and engineering, evaluation science theory and method, research and application of metrics, measurement and evaluation, evaluation and administration, educational economics and management, comparative study of international education, evaluation and management of higher education, information management and evaluation information system, knowledge management and knowledge innovation, design and development of evaluation database, design and development of information "cloud", as well as the application of evaluation science in all sectors.

The goals and objectives of the CASEE are as follows: 1) Focus on China and aim at the world on the basis of Zhejiang; 2) Implement the strategy of strengthening the institute by talents and leaping-forward development and promote the cross-integration of pedagogy and management; 3) Attempt to improve scientific research by producing more excellent talents, more excellent achievements and better evaluation services; 4) Add value to the brand of Golden Apple Ranking (GAR); 5) Contribute to national economy, social development and scientific progress. The CASEE aims to build a top think tank and evaluation research institute in China and be well-known worldwide in 5 to 10 years.

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