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Wang Xuedong
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Wang Xuedong
Title: Professor and Director of Department of Information and Management, Huazhong Normal University
Tel:   +86(27) 67868865
Email: wxd54@21cn. com
Add:   Department of Information and Management Huazhong Normal University Wuhan 430079 China
Wang Xuedong, born in 1954, head of Department of Information Management of Huazhong Normal University, executive director of Professional Construction Collaborative Group of China E-Commerce , director of “EC Management” Guidance Organizing Committee, council member of China Science and Technology Information Society, executive director of Professional Education Commission. For many years he has been engaged in teaching and research work of E-commerce, Information Management and Information Systems.
In 2004 he got the "National Outstanding Teacher" designation, and won the first prize of teaching achievement in Hubei province by his project “Research of E-commerce Curricular System Reform”. He hosted the Teaching and Research Project “Research Model of Information Science Education in the 21st Century ” and it won the second prize of teaching achievements at Huazhong Normal University. His paper “Study on Information Services Personnel Training to Meet with the Modern Information Technology” won the third prize of Hubei provincial government outstanding social science research. From 1993 to 1997, Mr Wang was regarded as outstanding teaching and administrative cadres. 1996-1998 he won the title of "three educating people” advanced individual. 2000-2001, he also won the first prize of Teaching Quality. By now, he has published more than 100 papers, 8 monographs or co-author works.
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